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Still, Missing You (First Winter)

A Journey into the Electroluminescent Bobbin Lace Queerscape


Electroluminescent wire, flesh body, void


Still, Missing You (Qais)

Lace, in Hebrew, is תחרה. The root of תחרה is חור  - which means hole. Lace, then, is defined by its non matter - making lace a kind of voidwork, or shadow work.

Queer space is an ephemeral space, existing in the margins of the straight constructed enviroment. It is a dreamscape, where the body is free to recreate itself, redefine and reobserve. It’s a space of illusion, as a tactic and as structure, blurring the boundaries of matter, construction and the body. It is hybrid and it is ever shifting, refusing to settle down and conform.

A main quality of textiles is their ability to fold; to be rolled up and to open, to stretch, to construct soft spaces for the body: a jumper, a piece of underwear, a blanket, a sofa.

They seem like an obvious choice for a construction method for a physical queer space, not belonging in such large scales yet always taking the body in mind. They are the counterpart of the cold, hard concrete walls.

Building on this thought of a queer space as a textile space, what is the textile and how is it used?


The electroluminescent lace - are you a textile? Are you a light fixture? Are you space, even? I do not know, and perhaps this is what makes you exactly the thing which makes for a queer space: hybrid, ambiguos, not here not there but in all realms at the same time.


If queerness is born in the shadows, then void work, or lace,  is where the queer(ed) body resides. Forever existing in the intangible matter, sporadically seen when illuminated by the tangible parts of the lace. 


I wonder: what brings us to light? (or, practically speaking, what makes the structure light up)

It has to be the body, in some capacity. Is the body touching the structure, which causes a reaction? Is it the sounds? Should we shout into the void in order to be seen in the light? 

Could it be simply proximity? The light intensifies as we approach the space, showering us with light as we are fully within it? 

Is it possible to see it from a distance, or can it only be witnessed through engagement?

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