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Ambiguous Loss

Multimedia installation combining projection mapped photography and

electroluminescent lace, loop

6x5 feet / 1.8x1.5m, 10 minute loop


Created with Elisheva Gavra. Exhibited at The Jewish Museum (NYC) as part of In Response: Jonas Mekas.

The photos, taken by Elisheva Gavra while visiting the Hasidic community she grew up in, fit through the voids of the glowing lace in an attempt to re-frame and form new meaning. The electroluminescent lace, created by Layla Klinger, is an experiment in making a space that is made out of voids, capable of housing incomplete memories. In this collaboration, the artists

are layering two forms that grow from existential transit and ambiguous loss.

Photos and video by Elisheva Gavra

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