Layla Nk

B. 1993, Tel-Aviv


A fiber fanatic, artist and maker, focusing on fiber and material culture as the basis of her works and life.

Her works examine queer bodies and femme existence through embroidery and knitting, focusing on the erotic potential and the obsessive, bordering mentally ill nature of slow stitch crafts.

The material, method and labor are never an afterthought, but the basis of her works, drawing from the cultural and artistic stigma fiber crafts hold, marrying them with the stigma of the queer, insane, femme body.



2013 - 2018 Shenkar - Engineering. Design. Art. - Textile Design BA

2016 - 2017 The Swedish School of Textiles


2015  Hawthorne&Heaney, bespoke embroidery studio

2017 - 2018 Lion Brand Yarn Company, design department

Grants & Awards 


America-Israel Cultural Foundation Creative Excellence Grant 


Exhibitions & Festivals


Frest Paint Art Fair, Artists' Grennhouse - Tel Aviv

Fiberart International 2019 - Pittsburgh, PA, US

FRATZ Atelier "Nesting" - Berlin, Germnay

Stitch Fetish 7 - Los Angeles, CA, US


Tel Aviv Nightlight Festival - Neve Sha’anan, Tel Aviv

‘Queer Bureau’ - Horace Richter Gallery, Jaffa

Bush Collective - The Pasaz, Tel Aviv

‘Craftology’ - Royal Beach Hotel, Tel Aviv

Bush Collective - The Office Gallery, Tel Aviv

Durational Performance Space - Sheikh Abrik Festival, Northern Israel



Final year exhibition in the Shenkar College, Ramat Gan, Israel



DLD Innovation Festival, Tel Aviv



 Strike! - feminist rock opera