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Still, Missing You (1559)

Traveling through time and lace
Electroluminescent wire, silver coated thread, electrical wires, flesh body, void

still missing you_pattern 01.jpg

Still, Missing You (1559) is an immersive light-lace environment, tackling craft conservation through a queer approach to textile making.


What does craft conservation look like in the 21st century?

How do we preserve historical craft knowledge while manifesting textile futures?


Applying a queer approach, the guiding principles are radical hybridity: traditional/innovative, garment/environment, object/subject, textile/light technology. The work uses Venetian lace patterns from one of the oldest known lace pattern books, Le Pompe, published in 1559. These patterns are worked in an electroluminescent wire, a light emitting material, creating a large scale lace environment. It is an open circuit meant to be completed by the touch of a human body. As you touch the different lace sensors in the environment, a variety of light patterns are triggered all around them. Using a non-fiber material with traditional lace making techniques, it pushes the boundaries of what is a textile. It injects traditional textile making into the realm of lighting design, interaction design and hi-tech. Further applying a queer approach, it offers eroticism as strategy: light, touch and sensors in the shape of hands seducing you, drawing you in for an immersive sensory experience.

Installation at Urban Zen, NYC. Photos by Shahrez Syed

Conductive lace touch sensors

Custom Tools for Queer Lace:

3D printed resin eastern European-style bobbins | Silicone cast large bobbins for EL lace | Beads and wooden skewers shuffle&match bobbins

le-pompe-animation (1).gif

Making one EL lace panel: 10 hours 20 minutes